About Betting Systems

If you want to develop a winning strategy when you play games in a live or online casino, you need to understand that magic bullets or surefire easy tricks and ways to win do not exist. Gamblers have been trying to find them for centuries, and so far no one has been successful.

Just like other areas of life, you can win more than you lose, but it requires work, determination, and strategy. For example, if you learn and practice blackjack a lot, you will be able to win more than you lose.

However, with games such as slots, no strategy exists. You can be pressing the button or pulling the lever quickly or slowly. You can blink five times, keep one of your eyes closed or say a lucky prayer. It will not make a difference, because the outcome of a slot game depends completely on computer software called random number generator, or RNG. The RNG chip determines what happens after each spin. The RNG chip and algorithm are always at work, even when nobody is playing a machine. The moment you press a button or pull a level, the generator stops at the current numbers, and the reels at corresponding parts.

Because of the technology, you can’t do anything to change or predict the game. You can’t win more than the algorithm will let you. Even if you play a game where you can make some decisions, the machine will not let you influence the algorithms.

On the modern machines, all you see are the reels. While many of them do look like the old-fashioned reels, there is nothing old-fashioned about these machines. The algorithms predict what happens, and the images you see are just a part of the show before the machine shows you the numbers that the algorithms have chosen.

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